Getting Started With Hostgator

Hostgator offers a full range of hosting packages that all come with our Award Winning 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and live chat. Our packages and products include Shared, Optimized WordPress, Cloud Hosting and more. Packages come with Site Building Tools, Templates, and Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce. We can also assist with migrating existing websites from other hosts for new customers at no charge.

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HostGator offers many different options to fit your hosting needs. The instructions provided in this article are for Shared hosting services, however these steps are applicable to all types of available hosting (Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, and Windows).

  1. Click Order Now under the package you wish to sign up for:

2. Enter the domain you wish to use as your primary domain:


The domain field will turn green when the domain is available to register, and red when the domain is already taken. If you have registered your domain with another registrar, please select the “I already own this domain” option (this will turn the domain field white).

3. Select whether or not to purchase domain privacy for any domains you are registering:

4. Confirm that the Package desired is the package selected. Additionally, you can select the billing cycle desired.


Pricing reflects a discount on the first invoice only, any subsequent payments will be at regular price. For additional information on pricing, please refer to the following article:

5. Create a cPanel username and Security PIN.

The Security PIN is used to confirm that we are speaking with the account owner in the event that you contact us for support. For additional information concerning the Security PIN, please reference the following article:

6. Enter your billing and payment information.
If you enter an email address already associated with a hosting account, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your billing credentials. This will add selections made on the order wizard to your already existing billing account. For assistance logging into your billing account, please refer to the following article:


7. Review the addons portion and ensure all selected services are desired. Deselect any additional services you do not wish to purchase with your new hosting package, as illustrated below.

8. If the you have an alternate coupon code you can remove the default SNAPPY code and type in your coupon code. If the code produces a green checkmark once the validate button is hit, the coupon is valid.

9. Review the order to ensure all selections have been made correctly.

Next you will be redirected to a page that looks like below


To install WordPress using Quick Install on a Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated Server

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. In the Software/Services section, click on the Quick Install icon:
  3. In the left menu, under Popular Installs, click WordPress, then click Install WordPress:
  4. Complete the form that appears with the following details:
    1. The Base Domain for your installation.
    2. The sub directory you would like the site to load from, if desired.

      Example: Should you wish your WordPress URL to be instead of just Your site will always display this extension if you enter one.

    3. For Admin Email, enter an email address where you want the admin password emailed to. Make sure this is a working email address.
    4. For Blog Title, enter the name of the website. This is what will appear in the header as the name of your site.
    5. For Admin Username, enter your preferred user name.
    6. Your first name.
    7. Your last name.
    8. Click Install WordPress when you’re ready to proceed.

A progress bar at the top of the page will let you know when installation is complete. Once complete, you will be able to start working on your WordPress site. Check your email for your WordPress username and password as well as a link to your WordPress dashboard.
You may also find your credentials by clicking View Credentials in the bar at the top of the page: